Al-Azhar condemns New York Pedestrian Terrorist Attack
آخر تحديث :    2017-11-03 11:35:31Z    
Al-Azhar strongly condemned the terrorist truck-ramming attack that targeted pedestrians on a street in New York, killing 8 persons and injuring others. This incident is a new round of dark terrorist crimes that terrorize peaceful people and spread hatred across the world.
Furthermore, al-Azhar confirmed that the world is in a dire need of coalescing and exerting consolidated international effort to encounter terrorism and drain its financial, political and intellectual sources stressing the importance of zero-tolerance to any financial, political or intellectual support that promotes the extremist way of thinking and incites violence and terrorism.
Al-Azhar expressed its condolences to the people and government of the USA and the families of the victims as well. May Allah give them the strength to overcome their grief and grant the injured quick recovery.