‎"Al-Azhar is the Beacon of Knowledge" … The Most Recent Publications of ‎WAAG Indonesia
آخر تحديث :    2017-10-31 14:14:19Z    
WAAG's Branch in Indonesia issued a book, entitled: "Al-Azhar is the Beacon of ‎Knowledge", written by the scholar "Tshitship Tawfikurruhman" to be as a guide for ‎the Indonesian students for studying at al-Azhar.‎
The book addresses the great role of al-Azhar in the field of Islamic sciences for all ‎Muslims around the world and helps the students explore the ways of studying at al-‎Azhar, so that they have the physical, material and spiritual aptitude for studying. ‎
The book consists of many chapters. The first chapter entitles: "Why al-Azhar?" It ‎addresses some main aspects of the importance of studying at al-Azhar. The second ‎chapter examines a short history of al-Azhar, so it presents the history of establishment ‎of al-Azhar's and al-Azhar University and mentions the names of al-Azhar Sheikhs. ‎The third chapter deals with the stages of joining al-Azhar University and the ‎indispensable preparations required from the students. Not to mention that the first ‎step to join al-Azhar University is to register for the admission tests held in the ‎Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs in cooperation with WAAG Indonesia. Tests ‎are conducted in a number of Indonesian Provinces. ‎
In the conclusion the writer, Tshitship Tawfikurruhman, one of al-Azhar's alumni, ‎mentioned a glance at the Islamic charity foundation that was established by WAAG ‎Indonesia and called "Meshkat Rabaniah". The foundation aims to apply the curricula ‎of al-Azhar in teaching the Islamic sciences and the curricula of western Universities ‎in modern sciences.‎
The book aims to review the true information about the procedures relating to al-‎Azhar University admission and encourages keeping patience and perseverance in ‎seeking knowledge, in addition to recognizing the map of education in al-Azhar.   ‎